Sex Toys For Women

Sex Toys For Women: Vibrators for Girls In India.

Female Use For Rabbit Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator, Anal Toys, Putt Plug, Strap On Cock, Lubricants, and extra…

Bringing a sex toy into the bedroom isn’t something you reserve only for steamy nights with your significant other. “Sex toys open women up to a range of sensations that you just can’t experience with your hands or with a partner,” Carolyn Eagle, product manager and managing editor at Betty’s Toy Box, an online sex toy store, tells Health. “They let you explore your G-spot and other erogenous zones without feeling pressured to please a partner at the same time.”

So why don’t more women use them when they’re flying solo? “I think women are hesitant to use solo sex toys, particularly when they are in a relationship because they feel their partner should be the one giving them orgasms,” says Eagle. It can also be intimidating and uncomfortable for many women to try to pick out erotic items for themselves, especially when there are more on the market than ever before.

Sex Toys For Women
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