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1x Doll with Wig(black Wig not wavy brown wig )

 1x Air Pump

 1x Vibrating Egg

 1x Heating rods

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❤ Chest water temperature control, high simulation 3D eyeball, heating bar simulation of human hands and feet

❤ Accessories Description: pump, lubricants, heating bar, repair package

❤ Sexy Breast can be filled with water

❤ Chest water temperature control, high simulation 3D eyeball, simulation of human hands and feet

❤ Repeated use for a long time, not easy to break

❤ Nothing stick to doll body, easy to clean

❤ 37.5 degrees body heat of vaginal function

❤ Flexibility: the interface has a wide range of activities at the regional

❤ Thickness: the thickness of PVC soft skin, very soft and smooth, like real flesh

❤ Convenience: general secondary bag or travel case hold, you enjoy anytime, anywhere

How to clean

1. after use of “toys” Because of high oil secretion and residual liquid, if time does not clean it, easy to breed bacteria, so start as soon as possible after use, please wash your “toys.”

2. cleaning should avoid switching, power supply, etc. cleaning the bathroom, while gentle rubbing with a finger while cleaning, do not use brushes or acid detergent.

3. After cleaning wipe with a dry cotton cloth most suitable, or high-quality paper towels are a good choice.Once at wiping it dry, and avoid sun exposure!

4. the final special cleaning fluids, or can be diluted alcohol (75%) to sterilize, but also sprinkle talcum powder before collection.

5.  Collection can be flannel bag or bags for collection of dust,dry in the shade as much as possible can be.


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