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Product Category:Sex doll

Material: PVC wool

Packing list: Inflatable doll *1

11 in stock


❤ The waist: twenty-three point six inch

❤ Foot size: Seven point one Inch x Three point one inch

❤ Height: 63 inches

❤ Palm size: Five point nine Inch x Three point three inch

❤ Neck diameter: Three point three inch

❤ vagina: Five point seven inch

❤ Neck circumference: twelve point two inch

❤ Arm circumference: Nine point one inch

❤ Upper body: thirty-three point five inch

❤ Face size: Seven point five Inch x Five point nine inch

❤ Calf: seventeen point seven inch

❤ hipline: thirty-six point two inch

❤ Thigh circumference: fifteen inch

❤ Style: standing / sitting

❤ Material: PVC wool

❤ anus: Three point five inch

❤ bust: thirty-one point five inch


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