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Male sex toys in India available with us are not only fun to use but are also very beneficial for your health. Several scientific studies have reported sex and orgasms are good for the body. Orgasms reduce body pain and also improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, boost immune systems and burn calories. So, when it comes orgasm, these sex toys can be very helpful and eventually prove to be good for the body. There is a range of male toys to choose from, ranging from those used for solo pleasure to those used with partners.

Lisa Finn, brand manager and sex educator at Babeland, says this one is great for beginners because it’s simple, affordable, and “perfect for wearing during any kind of play.” The bubbles give “an amazing anal bead-esque sensation” and the curved shape is “perfect for targeting the prostate.” It should be easy to clean and care for thanks to its all-silicone construction, too.
The Wave might look similar to the Billy — they’re made by the same company — but it has a lot more going on under the hood. The Wave is one of the most high-tech prostate toys around, and a favorite of Museum of Sex Store buyer Kit Richardson



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